Five Project Success Factors

Presenter: Eric Verzuh

Break through the jargon to understand what makes projects work!
Who do you know that needs to understand the power of project management?
Projects are inherently challenging – every one of them is different and we don’t get a second chance to do them right! The project management discipline has the answers – but it can often seem too complex or cumbersome. And where does Microsoft Project fit into the puzzle?

Bestselling author Eric Verzuh knows how to make project management make sense to everyone.
In this webinar you’ll learn:
• Five success factors that apply to every project
• The biggest threat to bringing your project in on time, on budget, with high quality
• An easy way to clearly describe project management to colleagues, customers and management.
• When and why to use Microsoft Project


Eric Verzuh

Eric Verzuh is President of The Versatile Company. Since founding The Versatile Company in 1990, Eric has been an instrumental figure in the world of project management, providing organizations from aerospace to IT to public education an easy-to-understand framework creating and managing effective projects.

His trademark style is a practical approach that simplifies the process of solving critical business problems and delivering results. His book, The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management, which is currently in its Fourth edition, is the leading project management guidebook used by universities and working professionals around the world.

Eric’s next book will apply many of the proven critical success factors of project management to the topic of innovation, providing organizations with a practical blueprint for developing the competencies and culture to support and sustain innovation in every aspect of business.

With his combination of deep expertise, hands-on experience and an engaging, down-to-earth style, he is a popular and frequent speaker at a variety of conferences and events.

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